Redhawks Basketball

The Redhawks Basketball team is a youth basketball team my neighbor Tom coaches in Memphis, Tennessee. For the primary identity, I wanted to do something type-based.

When I got into my research of letterforms, I was ecstatic to find a letter that could be easily altered to look like a hawk in its attack dive.

In 2012, The Redhawks fell just short of winning their annual Holiday Classic Tourney. Their trophies were engraved with the Redhawk W.

About a year after we initially released the Redhawk’s identity, I was asked to create an alternate script wordmark. I think Thirsty Script gives just the right vintage feel, and it looks great executed in embroidery.

In 2017, I came back to the Redhawks Classic Basketball Tournament t-shirt and made this fun basketball snowflake T. It looked classically festive printed in off white ink on a garnet colored t-shirt. They took the tourney this year! Way to go Redhawks!

Of course, the letter W has special significance in sports, and I thought there was a great opportunity to capitalize on the concept of the win.

I designed jerseys and apparel, including shooting shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and backpacks — all with the Redhawk W emblazoned front and center.

The pride and sense of confidence on the faces of the team is priceless.

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